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Interesting Publishing and Writing Facts About Me
Sat, 21 Oct 2017 12:15:16

I just thought I'd share this little tidbit with you guys today as a way to better get to know me and my books.  I've always had an interest in writing and creating stories, but the itch never really got scratched until I was in the Army.  My first books were written on an electric typewriter, and then my writing later progressed to being done on a computer.  I'm glad for the progression.  It made writing a LOT easier. :)  My first story I wrote was called "Striders" and was basically a Voltron knockoff.  As an interesting little factoid about that, I wrote the first third of the book before hitting major writer's block that eventually doomed the project to the bin.  However, at a later time I decided to give it another try, so I went looking for the manuscript.

I couldn't find it anywhere.  So, I sat down and rewrote the story, and once again hit the same brick wall.  However, shortly after that I found the original manuscript and, to my complete surprise, the two were almost word for word identical.  That still didn't save the project, but it did give me a huge confidence boost and encouraged me to continue pursuing my love of writing.  My success to failure rate (not publishing failure, but rather completion failure) is about 1 in 10.  For every 10 ideas I start out with, only one makes it to publication.  Out of nearly 200 ideas I've started out with, only 19 have reached publication so far, and that includes individual books within larger series.

Out of all of the books I've written and published, Oort Perimeter, from the Earthfleet Saga, was the first one to successfully make it into print.  However, it was NOT the first full novel I wrote that made it into print.  That honor goes to Lion in the Wind.  I started on that book about the same time I was working on "Striders".  20 years later it was finally published, and for no lack of trying on my part.  It just took a while before I found a story I was finally happy with.  Plus the story grew and matured over time along with me as I also matured as a writer.  Plus, it's the only story that was penned in my early years as a writer that survived to see publication.  The sequels though were actually kind of a fluke.  Originally I had no interest in writing a sequel.  Yet, the story kept telling me that it wasn't through yet and there was still so much more to be told.  As a result, one book turned into four.

Another interesting story is about the creation of the Offworld Chronicles.  That's a series which started out as just a single book.  However, I never felt like I'd done enough with it, and had kinda shortchanged the story, as there was so much more to be told.  So I went back, rewrote it, and began to expand it out and tell it like I had originally wanted.& ...(read more)

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