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Writing Update for December 2023 (part 1?)
Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 2:23pm
Keywords: Writing, Update, Humility, Jet Engines, Feedback, AI Voices

I have a few brief things to cover with you guys for this, possibly part 1 of 2, maybe more entries for December 2023.  These are points that I talked about in my latest writing update video that I posted on Rumble and Youtube already.

1.  AI Voices for Audiobooks - They're kinda like AI art, but not with the same stigma.  Good for those self publishing who are tight on their budget, or for special things (charity, one time use in church, school, etc), etc.  If professionally publishing, definitely go with a human reader.  Otherwise the AI voices are fine.
    a. <- The one I'm using.  Good quality for a good price.
        * Upside, it's low cost compared to others.
        * Downside, it's cloud based, and not quite as good as other more expensive options.
    b. <- Natively run on your desktop.
        * Pros/Cons: Unknown.  Haven't tried it yet, but it was recommended to me, so might be worth checking out.
    c. <- Best one I've found so far.
        * Pros: REALLY, REALLY good, mostly naturally sounding AI text to speech.
        * Cons: WAY, WAY too expensive fo what you get.  Also cloud based.

2.  Humility in writing.  Be honest and humble in all you do as a writer.  Never think of yourself as being better than anyone else.  Remember, there will always be someone better than you.  And, if you need a motivation to get better, find someone better than you, work hard to match their skill, then surpass them.  Once you have, find someone better still.  Always push to be better, but also remember to keep your feet on the ground lest you become arrogant, or proud, which is the fastest way to destroy yourself, not just as a writer, but also as a human being.  Example, Brandon Sanderson.  I've met him in person and had numerous interactions with him.  The dude is an amazing author, but a horrible human being.  The level of arrogance he expressed towards myself and others every time I talked with him was horrible.  Don't be like that.  Be the kind of person that people love, not because of how great your books are, but also because of how great you are.  And not great in your own eyes, but rather great in the eyes of others.  It's better to consider yourself small, while others consider you great, than to think of yourself too highly and make others see you as small and petty.

3.  Request for Feedback - How are you guys enjoying the audiobooks I'm posting?  So far I've only posted a handful, but I'd definitely like to know what you think of them so far.  You can email me your thoughts, or just put them in the comments.  I always like feedback, good or bad.  And a good author should always graciously take the good with the bad, because really, the bad can help you grow, assuming it's not just jealous rantings, but rather good, constructive feedback.  Also, if you can't make a good decision on how I'm doing because I haven't posted enough stories yet, then that's fine.  Just let me know your thoughts as soon as you feel you have heard enough of them to know for sure how well I'm doing. :)  And yes, not every story is going to be five stars, and not everyone is going to like every tale (one of my ardent critics hated my "Ferret's Folly", not for the quality of the story, but because it had Ferrets in it, so there's always that, lol), but I'm always interested in your feedback, no matter what.  Even just a like on the video is enough if you don't want to leave a comment. ^_^

4.  Jet Engine vs Ramjet vs Scramjet

Thanks again everyone, and catch you next time.


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