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Writing Update: April Progress Report
Thursday, April 15th, 2021 3:30pm
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Okay, since it's been a minute, roughly 2 months at this point, since I last did a writing update, I figured it was time to do another and update you on where I'm at with things so you know I haven't just keeled over and died, and left my trusting posting bot to pick up the pieces. ;) :P lol.  Anyhow, here's where things stand presently.

Overall Status:  Now that life, and my work schedule, have calmed down considerably (finally, yay!) I'm slowly starting to pick up my writing again.  I'm not pushing hard right now, because the last year really took it out of me.  So I'm still doint some resting, recovery, healing, etc to get myself back to 100%.  So, no pedal to the firewall on this.  Just a slow acceleration forward at a pace that won't overtax me (like I used to do) and wear me out again.  My body is still kinda having words with me about that from my last episode of that.  So yeah.  haha.

Earthfleet:  Overall progress on this is good.  One thing I figured out with this is, I'm gonna need help really cleaning these up.  I've already finished the heavy lifting with books 1 and 2, getting the really obvious stuff taken care of, cleaning up the writing, grammar, spelling, etc.  However, these are gonna need a professional editor to walk through them and find all the issues I didn't, or couldn't fix.  EF Saga Books 3-4, plus the two expanded universe books need to be finished next.  But, those will need to be addressed in a much slower manner than I initially tried with the first two books (ref above overview for reasons).  But, I'll eventually get through those, fix the plot holes, story mistakes, etc.  And, despite there being a 10+ year gap between my skill level at the time when I wrote them, and now, I think I did pretty good overall with them.

They're not to the same quality as my newer stuff, even with the upgrades and edits, but not bad given the time gap between then and now.  Plus, before anyone complains like, "But you've got all this extra experience!  Can't you make them better!?"  You can only spit shine an old Buick just so much before you have to just rip everything down and start over.  Literally rewriting everything from scratch would be the only way to truly bring them up to current standards.  So, I will make them the best I can, and leave it at that.  Future EF books, however, will come with the newer writing skill quality that I've learned since then.

Offworld Chronicles: Well, not much to say here, other than I'm finally getting ready to release book 6 "Troubled Waters" sometimes this summer.  I don't have an exact ETA, as it'll be done when it's done.  However, some of that "done" will rely heavily on when I finally finish the rough draft for book 7 "Journey's End", which is still very much WIP and incomplete.  As a personal rule of thumb, to avoid causing issues, that needs to be in a reasonable state of rough completion before moving forwards.  So, once book 7 reaches a level of completion, and editing, where I'm satisfied with the direction it's going in, then I'll release book 6.  Also, book 6 still needs a few tweaks here and there before that'll see publication.  So once that all happens, I'll let everyone know that 6 is on its way.  I might even release it and then let everyone know.  I'm not sure yet, but you'll find out soon enough.

Planetfall: For those of you who have already heard about this series, I don't have anything new for you.  For those who have not, this series will be a follow on to the Offworld Chronicles, and will continue the story of Simon and team, but on a different world, and with both new and old faces.  Basically, the premise of the story is, after the Race of Offworld is won (Awe, come on, you all knew it'd happen.  You just don't know HOW, or by WHO, and I'm not telling.  lol), the Brotherhood, their contract with Section 17 fulfilled, leave the planet of Offworld.  However, when they do, they do sorta scorched earth, taking with them all their technology.  Under normal circumstances, that wouldn't be an issue, except that Offworld is NOT a stable world.

It then begins to tear itself apart shortly afterwards.  Not catastrophically at first.  However, the planet's natural instability, which was held in check by the controller tech, is now free to do its thing.  Still possessing some of their former technology, which was hidden away, and not stolen by the Brotherhood when they left, Section 17 begins a plan to save the inhabitants of Offworld, by moving them to the formerly abandoned controller planet of Ember.  However, having been abandoned for 700+ years, and having a very narrow window of time to perpare the way for the Offworld refugees that will be following in behind them, Simon and the others of his expedition must prepare the planet of Ember for their arrival, a task that may prove to be impossible.

Anyhow, that's the general premise of the series.  So where the first series was survival fiction, this will be more a world building adventure, as they will start out with almost nothing, and have to build a fully functioning society that can absorb the over 10m+ inhabitants of Offworld, and do it before Offworld rips itself apart and kills everyone off.  That might sound easy in your mind.  However, consider this thought.  It took America almost 400 years to reach the leve it's at now, starting with the first colonists up until today, and Offworld doesn't have that much time.  So it's not gonna be an easy task by any means.  In fact, it might be downright impossible.  But, you'll have to read the series to find that out. :)  Anyhow, that's the next "series" I'm working on.  But, that doesn't mean I won't be releasing other possibly standalone books in between, like the EF Expanded Universe books I have in my pending file, plus some others.

Earthfleet Expanded Universe: Presently I have 2 unfinished standalone novels of the EF Expanded Universe that need to be finished, and released, and may see publication in the next couple years, partially to get them off my plate, and partially to buy me time to get Planetfall developed a lot further than it is right now, as I haven't done anything more than some exploritory writing on that series, but nothing that constitutes actual mainline work yet.  So these will likely end up being fillers in the meantime to keep up some semblance of a publication schedule going forward.

Christian Novels/Novellas: At this point I actually have two of these in the pipe.  One is on nurturing and growing a spirit of giving, and another that is called "The Man Who Reached For God", which is based on a short story I wrote years ago about a man who sold himself out entirely to God and followed His leading into a ministry he never expected, but which turned out to be beyond his wildest dreams, and all because of his unquestioned obedience to God, even in the face of what looked like foolishness to the average human observer.  That will be published in the near future too, but I'm not sure when.  Those might also be used to buy me time to get Planetfall up to par before releasing it.  The reason I'm taking such extra care with Planetfall is because of all that I learned from Offworld Chronicles.  I don't want to make the same mistakes in Planetfall that I did in OWC.  And, if I do this right, I think you'll be glad I took all that extra care now, rather than flub it up because I didn't. ^_^

Anyhow, that's my latest update.  As always, everything I've listed is either a status of where I am, or where I'm planning to go, and as with anything in the "where I plan to go" category, that can change as time goes on.  But, for now, that's where I'm looking to go.  We'll find out of that's the direction God permits me to go, or if He has other plans. ;)  Either way, stay tuned!

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