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The Stolen Ribbon - A Dream of Encouragement!
Saturday, January 28th, 2017 11:20am
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Hey all, I've got an interesting one for you. This came to me last night in a dream. I don't see it as being prophetic, but rather very encouraging, as it carries a great message with it. Anyhow, here's the dream.

It begins with me standing outside. It's dusk, so lots of shadows, grays, etc. Nearby I could see four friends who were standing near the right side of a large box truck. Just then four thugs dressed in black approached my friends and stole something from them, and then ran away. I didn't see what was stolen, only that it was. I then ran around the left side of the truck and soon spotted them just down the road from me walking away from the scene. I could see the four of them, but I couldn't make out what they looked like as they appeared as though outlined in shadows.

Looking at them I could tell they were weaker than I was, and if I fought them I could easily win, although the fight would be long and drug out as it'd be a four on one fight, causing me to divide my strength between the four of them and thus making the victory more difficult, but not impossible. IE, had I been able to fight them individually the battles would have gone quickly. But having to spread out my strength it'd take much longer as my advantage over each one would be significantly less. Even so, victory for me was assured. So I decide I'm gonna go and take back from them what they stole from my friends.

However, just as I start to move in their direction I feel God physically stop me in my tracks just as hear Him say to me, "Stop! Go no further!" I'm a bit shocked and upset by this. So I ask why, and assure Him that I can do this, to which He replies, "Because this battle isn't yours. It's Mine. Go tend to your friends. They need you." Even though I was disappointed, I obeyed and went to check on my friends. What I found shocked me. These poor guys looked like they'd just received the most epic beatdown of their lives. From my original perspective their brief fight with the shadowy thieves didn't look so bad. But apparently it was a lot worse than I realized.

So I turned towards where the four shadowy thieves were and watched in amazement as this gigantic hand reached into the middle of their small group and effortlessly took something from them. I mean, there wasn't even a fight or a scuffle. The hand, which belonged to God, just reached in and took what it wanted without a fight. I then turned back to my friends, and as I did, I noticed this large, red ribbon that came floating through the air past me and then landed on them. I immediately realized that this is what was stolen from them and God had restored it! I then happily proclaimed, "Hey guys, look! God has restored to you what was stolen!" My four friends then slowly crawled to their feet and took the ribbon that was theirs.

Okay, now, you might look at this and wonder, "Why is this dream encouraging? What about it is meant to bless me?" Well, allow me to explain the symbolism in the dream so you better understand. And those who know dream interpretation can help me out with this if I get anything wrong. Anyhow, standing outside at dusk, that's a symbol of the days and the world we live in (planet earth/end times). The four friends and the large box truck symbolize a ministry of God provided helps and supply. The four thieves symbolize Satan and his minions (John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:8) coming to attack the ministry to prevent it from being beneficial. The four friends on the right side of the truck symbolizes that this ministry was from God.

Since Satan couldn't attack and destroy the ministry (the truck), he instead went after the workers (four friends) and stole from them the assurity of their salvation (red ribbon) which crushed their spirits (mega beatdown) and took away their ability to work for God. I then spot the thieves leaving (I came in after the attack) and realized that I could beat them (standing on the left side of the truck = doing this in my own strength) and take back what was stolen. However, God told me to instead minister to my friends as the battle was His (2 Chron 20:15, 1 Samuel 17:47) and not mine. So I go over to encourage my friends (1 Thess 5:11) at which time I see God restore (Joel 2:25) what was stolen from them (red ribbon, assurity of salvation).

So with this, God has both reminded me and you about some very important things to remember, as listed above. So take strong encouragement from this. God has your back, He will not let the Devil keep what he has stolen, He will fight your battles for you, and all you need to do is trust and obey. :)

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