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Friday, November 24th, 2017 6:29pm
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Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't been updating things around here more lately. Work has had me slammed lately, so I haven't had either the time or the energy to do much writing. But now that things are slowing down I'm finally able to get in and do a whole bunch of writing again. I'm hoping to have "OWC3 - Gold Rush" done before the end of next week such that I can safely start the final edits on "OWC2 - Dragon's Gambit". I'm hoping to have that one out before the end of January, but it'll all depend on my work schedule and how much energy I have at the end of my work days. But if I can pull together enough, I'll do my best to get that one edited up and out in print as soon as possible.

I know you all are climbing the walls waiting on book 2, so I'm doing my best to get it finished and out into your hands. However, as I've stated before, whenever I'm doing a long series, I don't like to release a prior book until the next one is done so that I can be sure that I 1) don't write myself into a corner, and 2) the story is as perfect as I can make it. So as long as you remain patient, I will do my best to get you the story you deserve.

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