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The Rapture Box Packing List
Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 2:37pm
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One of the phenomenon that's been growing over the past few years is the idea of leaving behind what is called a "Rapture Box" or "Rapture Kit".  Originally the idea began in the late 80's and really picked up speed from about 1995 to 2001 during the initial years of the "Left Behind" book series before tapering off in popularity again until recently.  Some of this may be due to the hype of the book series wearing off, and some might be due to other reasons.  Even so the idea has returned and, as we clearly draw very close to the end, the urgency from the Holy Spirit to get our boxes in order is increasing.  Even I was reluctant to put one together until about two or three months ago when the Holy Spirit really started to get on my case about building one.

So what is a "Rapture Box"?  The simplest way to describe it is to call it a letter and a final plea to those of your family who did not choose to get saved now, before the Rapture occurred, and are thus now forced to face the horrors of the post Rapture world, and worse yet, the soon coming Tribulation.  Inside a typical rapture box is a collection of items that will both lead them to Christ, and educate them on both what they need to expect in the coming months and years, as well as what things to believe and not believe, which is really important as there will be a LOT of lies flying around during that time.

So what should a Rapture Box contain?  Well, the first thing I will say is that this is a spiritual survival kit and NOT a physical one.  There's no way under heaven you can prepare for seven years of literal Hell on Earth, or its preamble in any way, shape or form, despite what some might say.  The only way someone is going to survive the Tribulation is if God so chooses.  So no amount of physical "prepping" will help them.  Besides, God has provided manna before to His people, and He can do it all over again during the Tribulation should He so choose.  So the primary focus should be on the spiritual preparation of the individual(s) who will find it.

Now remember, while this may be focused towards your family or any friend or loved one that you may so choose it to be aimed at, the actual person(s) who find this may be complete and total strangers.  So remember that when packing your kit.  And with that, let's begin to look at what things what things are best recommended for a rapture kit, and what things are considered optional, which you can include in your kit, or you can leave out.  Only the suggested necessary items are a must for your kit.  One thing of note that I will mention here.  DO NOT include anything that either requires electronics or technology to view or be used.

One thing about the Tribulation that I am sure of is that modern technology will go the way of the dodo pretty quickly once that trumpet sounds and the saints go up.  Modern technology is VERY fragile, and relying on it in any way is strongly advised against.  Should you so choose to include DVD's, CD's, flash drives with MP3's on them or other digital media, be aware that it's highly possible that these media will become useless shortly after the rapture due to any number of events or circumstances that could either destroy them or perhaps make them unusable.  And even if they do survive, the chances of their being working electricity, batteries, something to play them with and so on is pretty slim.

So be mindful of that when you put your kit together.  The general rule of thumb should be, keep it as low test as possible.  It'll have more impact for a longer time if you do that.  Also, DO NOT include ANY kind of physical money, gold, silver or anything like that in your kit.  The bible clearly says that all forms of traditional wealth and money will become as worthless as dust during this period of time, or perhaps even outright illegal to own and use.  So including this in your kit will be a waste of time and resources.  Instead, consider converting those items into any of the below listed items.

Necessary Items:

1.  A introduction letter from you explaining what just happened, what to believe, and what not to believe.  If you know for certain who will see this letter and open this kit after you're gone, you may personalize the letter as much as you wish.  However, be mindful that the person you are directing this letter to may be someone you've never met before, you don't know, and never will until they enter the gates of Heaven, or the Millennial kingdom should they survive to the end of the Tribulation.  So be mindful of that as you write your letter.  It doesn't need to be long, but it does need to explain everything they need to know, both bible truth and perhaps even physical blessings you may leave behind for them should you choose to include those as part of your rapture kit.

2.  A Study bible.  You absolutely must have at least one bible in your rapture kit.  This is something that you can't go without.  Now, what form that bible takes depends on you.  My suggestion would be to break it up a little.  Include one "big boomer" as some call it, which is otherwise known as a study bible, on of the big, thick, KJV, ASV, ESV or NASB.  Try to avoid the NKJV, NIV, Amplified and any paraphrased versions as they are corrupted and thus should be avoided.  Also, if you have other bibles around the house stored in the bookcase or other places, you can either directly include them in your kit, or mention them in your letter and where to find them.

3.  Surviving The Tribulation Salvation Manual.  This is an excellent and AMAZING book that breaks down everything that a new believer will need to know about the Tribulation, what to expect, what is the truth. what is about to come and more.  This is bible prophecy 101 on a grand scale.  Well worth having in your kit as it will take those who are left behind and bring them up to speed quickly on everything they need to know.

4.  The SAS Survival Handbook.  I know I mentioned earlier in this post that there's no way someone can prep for the entirety of the Tribulation, or really even a brief part of it.  At least not physically.  However, that doesn't mean that someone shouldn't have the means to survive should God so choose for them to make it through most, if not all of the Tribulation alive.  Therefore, the benefit of this handbook is that it will teach those who are left behind the necessary survival skills that they will almost certainly need in the coming months and years as their new found faith will without question force them to flee to the wilderness and live constantly on the run.  Anyone who does not take the Mark of the Beast will be forced to either die for their faith through beheading or martyrdom, or they will be made to flee into the wilderness.  Should the latter happen, this book will help them to survive.  As for the details of exactly HOW, I think it's best if that's left up to God as we really have only a dim picture of what will be happening at that time.  So our guesses may be completely wrong.  Even so, the information in this book is timeless.

5.  Manna: Trusting in the Provision of God - I only include my own book in this list because I believe the message it puts forward, namely trusting God for all of one's needs, will be highly important during that time in history.  The lessons it teaches will need to be learned early and used often during this time, as starvation, lack of resources, famine, plague, pestilence, and the judgments and Wrath of God will be in full force from day one just about.  So the faster people can get the concept of trusting God under their belt, the better they'll do and the more powerful spiritually they will become.  Because super charged faith will be a necessity at this time in history.

6.  Simple Bible Tracts.  One of my most recommended types of tracts comes from Chick Tracts, an excellent provider of proven and reliable tracts that are known to powerfully reach the lost and bring many to Christ.  Including these can be useful for both witnessing to whoever will receive the kit, and also can be used by those who receive your kit to witness to others.  A stack of 2 or more, up to as many as you feel led to include, are recommended for the kit.

7.  Advanced Bible Tracts.  These are any bible tract or witnessing tool that goes above and beyond the work of a normal bible tract.  Suggestions include More than a Carpenter, by Josh McDowell, What does it mean to be a Christian? by me, or any other similar books that you feel would be appropriate for such a kit.

8.  A Daily Devotional.  A great suggestion for this is My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  Although anything would work if it's a good quality daily devotional.  Even several years worth of "Our Daily Bread" pocket devotionals will do.  This will give the recipient of this devotional, and anyone who is newly saved, something to work with to build their faith and their bible knowledge as they begin their journey through the Tribulation period.

Optional Items:

1.  A side by side bible.  If you live in an area with a large population of people who speaks anything that is not your native language, be that English, Chinese or whatever, it's strongly advised that you also include at least one study bible in their native language.  If you can't find one, then consider including a dual language side by side bible.  This is a bible that comes with two separate languages side by side such as Japanese and English, French and Spanish, etc.  This is useful for either the person who receives it, or perhaps someone else in the future who they encounter to witness to them, or to someone else who speaks another language.  Using one of these bibles they will be are able to point the other person to any verse they want and allow them to read it in their own language while the person witnessing can read or reference the same verses in their own language.  It's even a useful tool for present day witnessing, and it will also be for that future time as well.

2.  Emergency Food, Water and Survival Supplies.  Again, you can't prep for the Tribulation or even more than a few months of that time period, but you can give someone a fighting chance who is a new convert, or will soon be, by giving them what is necessary to survive during that period.  How much you put back, what you pack away, where you put it and so on is between you and God.  If He says to put some back, be sure to put it somewhere that it's easy to find, and include instructions in your introduction letter explaining where to find it and what it's for.

3.  Mini-Bibles.  Another thing to include in your kit is several small pocket bibles, the same kind that the Gideons distribute.  The value of these is that they make an excellent small, discrete, portable bible for the individual to carry around, use for witnessing, and even perhaps distribute to others who are seeking God at this incredibly tumultuous time in history.  Have at least 3 of these little bibles in your kit, up to as many as 10.  If you're really adventurous, you can include a whole case.  But the total amount you include should be between you and God as only He knows exactly how many will be needed.

4.  A Strongs Exhaustive Concordance - This is a very, very powerful bible study tool.  While it's a HUGE book, it's a must have for any believer.  While you may not want to include this in a kit designed to get people saved, down the road these new believers may find the tools available in it to be useful.  It won't be easily transportable later on, but if they can get a lot out of it to begin with, then it will be worth including.  Also, be sure to get the version of the Strongs that matches your version of the bible.  I know for certain there's one for the KJV of the bible, but I also believe I've seen one for other versions of the bible as well like ESV and NASV.  You might have to search around for these though as the KJV version is the one that's most popular.


And that's my summary of the rapture kit.  You're welcome to look over my list and either use it as is, make suggestions and changes, or adapt it to your own personal needs or desires.  Remember, my list is only my strongest recommendation.  What your circumstances dictate may require you to deviate from this list.  If that is the case, then feel free to do so.  Just be mindful that what you put in there may some day save a lost soul bound for Hell.  And lastly, when you put this kit together, do so with a LOT of prayer and careful thought to every piece.  Let God lead you in every step of what you put together.  And lastly, be sure that you put your kit somewhere that it can be easily spotted and accessed by anyone entering your home after you're gone.  In fact, if you display it prominently now, it might make a good conversation starter that will lead others to Christ before it's too late and they are left behind. :)

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