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The Prisoners Set Free (Dream)
Saturday, September 30th, 2017 12:58am
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I'm sharing openly with you a dream that I had just a couple days ago that made a big impact with me.

While watching a nature show on Thursday afternoon I kinda drifted off to sleep in my recliner and began to dream. Not anything from God as best I can tell, just lots of really weird pizza dreamy kinda stuff. However, there was one point towards the end that stuck out to me and was kinda memorable. Anyways, to set the scene I found myself in a large prison cell with iron bars. Kinda like the old wild west jails, but big enough to comfortably sleep 8 or so people, if not more. Kinda like a group holding cell.  In the room there are six, maybe eight others, all of whom are either sitting on, or laying down on beds, the majority of which were doing the latter. They all looked sick, grayish, and some were covered in bumps and boils and other signs of illness. Some even looked malnourished, as if they'd been there a LONG time and hadn't seen the sun in ages. Myself, I was sitting near the front of the cell in my normal blue recliner chair and looked normal and healthy. I remember that I was kicked back and somewhat comfortable in my chair and studying the other men in the cell, feeling bad for them and their predicament.
They looked at me, some with longing to be free and healthy, and some with disdain at the fact that I was healthy and had a very comfortable recliner compared with their dirty, filthy, dingy and very hard beds that were not at all comfortable to sleep in.  I remember as I sat in that chair that it was facing one wall of the cell (the left side if you were standing on the outside looking in) so that they were on my right side, and the prison doors were on my left.  Through those bars I could see that the prison overlooked a dry, dusty, almost western adobe looking town with dust devils, dryness, and an almost emptiness to it. And even though it looked western, I was made to understand that this was Mexico City.  I don't know why, but given the guys with me, it made sense as they looked Hispanic. Anyhow, as I looked at the men on my right I felt grieved at their suffering and wished I could help them and bring them healing.  I then looked to the left and wished that we could all be free.

Well, just about then I felt as though the Lord Jesus was about to arrive and pay us a visit in the spirit to bring healing, revival and freedom. But before He arrived we needed to be praising Him so that His arrival was surrounded by and filled with praise. The others in the room didn't want to do that as they were too sick, beat down and defeated.  So I, while still sitting in my chair, raised my hands and began to praise God.  When I did this something strange happened.  The room filled with this incredible song that I immediately knew the words for and began to sing along. As I did, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit fall on that room and the song grew as it did. At the same time my fellow prisoners began to rise from their beds and were healed as they did so, and were bathed in a brilliant light that filled the room and restored everyone to wholeness.

And let me tell you, the power of the Lord filled that place like a flood and it was powerful!  It wasn't long before those prison doors were blown open and we were all released out into the streets singing and shouting and praising the Lord as we marched down the street. As we made our way down the street we encountered this great multitude of people who was going in the direction from which we'd come. Some heard the song and stopped to talk with us, soon after which they too began singing and then turned around and joined us as we marched down the street with hands still lifted high singing this amazing praise song to God as the power of the Holy Spirit continued to flow over us no matter what happened or who stood in our way or blocked our path. After this I awoke, but I could still feel the power of God even after I woke up. In fact, I almost think I felt the Lord smiling.

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