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Overcoming The Seemingly Impossible
Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 8:49pm
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There are some people in this world who make the impossible not only look possible, but show each of us that nothing is impossible if you are willing to make the effort and commit yourself to never quit. One such person as this is Mandy Harvey. She was born with hearing, but lost it when she was 18 due to a disease she contracted. Now 10 years later she's not only back into music, but doing probably better than before she lost her hearing. And just like what Simon says below, you won't need a translator to understand this.

Yes, she taught herself to sing again even though she was deaf. And in this video you can see even more of her unbelievable, amazing talent.

This is why I always like to say, never give up, even if it seems impossible. ^_^

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