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Needs vs Wants
Friday, April 27th, 2012 11:37am
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Always be careful of what you *think* are needs, and what things really are. Case in point. A few years back I remember wanting some stuffed penguins and wanting them really badly. I mean, it was driving me up a wall. I got some freebie penguins at a convention I went to, had the things in my room on display for about a month, after which they ended up in storage, not to see the light of day for a couple years. Even then they ended up as cat toys.

Another story is a set of collapsible portable metal shelves. Had to have them so badly I went out of my way to hunt them down. Never used them once. Not once. Or another. Had a raging desire to have a laser pointer. Got one as a freebie from another convention, played with it for two weeks, and it's been in storage since. So what's the best part? These aren't the only times I've had this happen. So, um, yeah. Be very careful of what you think are your real needs, and what are just selfish wants.

Here's another thought on the topic of needs vs wants. Imagine you are standing in a room with Jesus and you ask him, "Lord, give me all of my needs, and ONLY my needs. Nothing else." If Jesus then handed you a bible, a glass of water, and a slice of bread, what would you say? Would it be "Thank you, Lord", or would you say, "THAT'S ALL!? Where's my car? My house? My big fat bank account? (etc, etc, etc)"

Always remember to focus first and most importantly on only the things in your life that are true needs. Not things YOU think are needs, but things that are truly needs, because in life we are far too often tricked into believing our wants are our needs, and our needs are our wants.
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