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God Is Calling For Revival!
Friday, June 12th, 2015 9:33am
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Here's something to consider.  Why do people say they are no modern day prophets, nor modern day prophecies?  Yet there is evidence time and time again throughout history from the 1st century onward of prophet after prophet after prophet who gave very accurate prophecies about terrible things that were at that time coming on the world in the near future, including both world wars, judgments, disasters and many other things that occurred in the past.  Yet the church today at large still swears that all prophecy died with the first century church as it was no longer needed, even though that clearly goes 100% against what the bible teaches.

So, why is it then that the church of today in general denies the idea of modern day prophecy and prophets?  Is it because of all the fakers out there giving false prophecies?  No.  They've been around since the times of Adam and Eve, and have always been welcomed long before any true prophets of God ever were.  Why is that?  Because, just like in times past, the people of this world love to have their ears tickled with sugary lips and false prophecies of prosperity, wealth and good times, despite the truth.

By nature we don't want to hear the true prophets of God because when they speak it is only doom and gloom we think.  It's doom and gloom because we're buried deep in sin and God is trying to warn us that if we don't get our act together God is going to judge us because of our sin and rain down upon us much deserved punishment!  But will we listen!?  No.  Instead we seek to silence the messengers.  In times past that was done by killing the prophets.  Today we simply perpetuate the lie that "There are no modern prophets" while completely ignoring the biblical guidelines for identifying who is and who is not.

Again, we do this for the same reasons that men and women in times past killed the prophets.  We wish to silence the message of truth because it is uncomfortable and stings our prideful hearts.  So the church, in order do this, has devised a clever way to "kill" the prophets without shedding a single drop of blood by declaring ALL prophets of God to be liars and deceivers.  By treating them as though they were wolves among the sheep we in turn are able to silence their message in much the same way the sword did in ages past.

But we silence the prophets and ignore their message to our peril.  God does not wish judgment upon us.  We bring it upon ourselves as a necessary result of our sinfulness.  That is why God is now calling for revival.  I can feel it in my spirit.  He knows what's coming because He is being forced to send it in answer to our wickedness, both individually and as a nation.  His prophets have cried out the message, great men like David Wilkerson, John Paul Jackson, Efrain Rodriguez, TD Hale, Shane Warren, Johnathan Cahn and others.

Yet these warnings, save for a few, have fallen on deaf ears.  God wants revival!  He is making this one last cry for repentance and renewal in the church before the fire falls.  And not the Holy Ghost fire.  I'm talking about the fires of judgment.  Unless the church WAKES UP and gets on fire for God, and seeks Him out in humility and repentance, seeking desperately for true revival, the sorrows that will come when these judgments fall will be far greater than anyone can bear.

We MUST listen to what God is telling us through His prophets.  We MUST return to Him in repentance.  We MUST seek revival and true Godliness.  It is time to stop stoning the prophets, people, and start listening to them.  If you're not sure who to listen to, then you need to get into your bible as it gives the complete guidelines on who is true and who is not.  Be a Berean and search the scriptures.  Find out who is legitimate and what messages are true, and then listen.  God wants revival.  He's calling for revival.  And He's warning what will come if we do not change our ways, and soon!

So, are you willing to listen?

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