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Dream: The Failed Rocket Launch
Monday, November 15th, 2021 11:32am
Keywords: Rocket, Launch, Misfire, Failure, Dream, Friends, Danger, Safety

In this dream myself, and a group of I believe 4 other friends, are walking down this road in the country, and come upon this park, and in the park is this circular launch pad, with a metal deck surrounding it.  The rocket itself looks like a miniature version of the Russian Vostok from the Sputnik era.  However, instead of 4 boosters, it had 8 or 9, it was short, kinda stout and pudgy too.  Curious about the rocket we all got up on the deck and surrounded it on one side to observe it and take it in.  Not long after we're told that it's about to take off.  Then we hear a countdown start, and it's a short count down.  As soon as it hits zero we here the fuel pumps spin up (sorta like a turbine start up sound) and a second later the engines fired.

Mind you, we're standing arm's length from this rocket as it's preparing to take off.  Like, close enough to be burned to ash if it succeeds.  But we don't move, despite this.  You can sense some nervousness, like, "Why are we standing here?  This rocket is about to launch and we could get hurt/die."  Even so, nobody moved.  The rocket engines fired for about two seconds, then everything shut down and the rocket dropped back into its cradle.  My understanding was that it tripped a breaker or safety that shut down the engines to prevent damage.  Anyhow, the guys launching this (we didn't see them as they were elsewhere) did another count countdown, the pumps spun up, and the rocket took off again, only to hit the safeties again and shut down.

But this time when the rocket came down it missed the cradle and fell down into the pit under it where the exhaust goes to vent it away from the rocket.  Realizing that it was now even more dangerous, and could explode, everyone finally scattered, with each of them going in a different direction.  I raced across the park as fast as I could to put maximum distance between me and the rocket.  As I was running I hear this child like voice cry, "Wait for me, Stevie!"  I look back and notice this 14 year old girl chasing me, scared, wanting me to wait for her as she escaped too.  I then noticed that the rocket was dark, and powered down, no lights on it or anything, as though someone had powered it off to prevent a fire, or possible explosion from the failed launch.

The dream ends there.

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