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Dream: The Coming Storm
Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 4:14pm
Keywords: Dream, Storm, Preparation, Shelter, Testing, Trial, Judgment, Revival

In this dream I'm at my old house, and I notice that there's a LOT of other people there as well, and they're all watching something like a TV show, and are completely obvious to what's going on around them.  As they were doing this, I remember grabbing a ketchup bottles right from in front of them, and they didn't even notice as they were so fixated on whatever it was they were watching.  As this is going on, I walked across the yard to my dad's house, and noticed to my left, to the west, that the sky was unbelievably pitch black, and you can feel that a powerful, severe storm was coming.  I remember that the sky was filled with these incredibly black storm clouds, so much that it'd turned day into night.  Yet I had no fear of the storm, as though all would be fine with me.

However, despite the approaching storm, there was no rain, nor lightning, nor any of the typical things you'd see when a storm was coming.  This is because we were in the area just before the storm arrived, and right before you started seeing lightning, and hearing thunder on the horizon.  I also remember there was absolutely no wind at this point.  Just pitch black clouds and sky.  So basically it was the calm before the storm.  At this moment I began hearing voices, like people were reading out loud to me the things they were posting about this storm on social media.  They were talking about the storm that was coming, the warnings that were being given, how terrible this storm would be, and how everyone should get prepared for its arrival.

However, out of all the people talking about the storm, most were just commenting on how terrible it would be, only a few were talking about preparing for it, and even fewer were actually listening.  As I listened to all these social media posts being broadcast to me, and the discussion that was going on, I suddenly felt the wind kick up.  However, the lightning, rain, and other parts of the storm still hadn't appeared yet, even though the frontal winds of the storm had just showed up.  Even so, at this point it wouldn't be more than 5-15 minutes tops before the rest of the storm would arrive.

As this happened, I looked around me, and saw that dad's house was already prepared.  So I didn't worry about that and instead went around making sure everyone else was ready, as well as myself, before heading back to my old house to check on the people there, and to warn them to get ready and prepare, as time was running out.  As I walked up to my old childhood house again, where the dream had started, I found everyone there still completely fixated on whatever it was they were watching.  As I got ready to warn them one final time, heavy peals of thunder began to echo in the distance.  The storm was almost upon us, and would be here in just a few minutes.  The dream ended there.


Interpretation:  This dream is more a confirmation of where I've been, and where I am  now, warning people about, as John Paul Jackson called it, "The Perfect Storm" that is coming upon the whole world to shake it, and to awaken it.  Right now we're at that point where the thunder is rumbling in the distance, the lightning will soon begin to appear, and the rain not long after that.  It'll be a terrifying storm for most, but as you saw, in the dream I was not worried.  I already knew about the storm long before the cloud showed up, and I still will not be worried when it comes as I have spiritually prepared myself well in advance for this.

However, there will be a LOT of people who will be completely oblivious to this storm as it hits, and will be caught completely off guard, with no shelter (they were outdoors, in front of my old childhood home, and not sheltered inside), and will suffer great loss.  However, for the believer, this storm is not to scare you, or hurt you, but rather to prepare you for what's coming in the near future.  All the prophetic voices I'm hearing are saying that we're down to the final minutes, and the storm is about to hit us very soon.  So if you're not already prepared, you need to be, both physically, and spiritually, sheltered in the arms of the Most High God.  This ain't no joke people.  You better be ready.

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