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Dream: Rotten Steaks in God's House
Friday, December 10th, 2021 11:44am
Keywords: Dream, Demons, Oppression, Victory, Relief, Healing

Hi everyone!!  I'm posting this dream, not because I feel it has a wider audience, but rather to provide you with context so you can pray for me.  This dream is specifically for me, with no wider context.  But, if you are to have any hope of praying with specificity to help me through this, you'll need to know what it says.

Anyhow, the dream starts out me in my dad's house (in my dreams, at least for me, my dad's house is representative of God's house) standing in the kitchen.  As I stand there, I look towards the storage shelves at the far back of the house and see something unusual. So I walk over to see what it is, and I find four packages of steak, like you'd get from the store, sitting on a pile of towels.  I then said, "Awe, mom, why'd you do that?"  I said that because mom's dementia, when she was alive, made her do weird stuff like that, hence my comment, as that'd be something typical she'd do for no good reason.  Anyhow, I pulled out one of the packages to see if they were still frozen, and unfortunately found that they were spoiled and no longer edible.

So I begin walking to the front of the house to take them packages of rotten meat outside and throw them in the trash.  As I do, I come across this bear in the living room.  He's black, with a collar, and looks almost like a circus bear, but out of costume.  Very demure, but also very dangerous.  I remember his name was Mitch and my sister was on the floor petting him like he was a family pet.  Realizing I had to get him out of the house, I took one of the packages of meat, and waved it at him, which got his attention.  I then opened the front door, and threw it outside on the front lawn.  Mitch immediately rushed through the door after the meat. 

Once he was outside I slammed the door behind him and locked it so he couldn't get back in.  I then looked back at the other three packages of meat still in the house and wondered how I was going to get rid of those, as I couldn't open the door again as it might allow Mitch to come back in.  The dream ends there.


I have to give Dave Hayes, aka Praying Medic, for helping me solve this one.  The TLDR for this dream, aka the interpretation, is that those four packages of rotten steak are four powerful, emotional wounds that I have suffered in my life due to my my mom's dementia.  One of them, which had a demon attached (ref: Mitch), I've already been able to purge from my life.  But there are still three that remain that I'm uncertain how to get rid of.  In fact, were it not for God telling me about them, I wouldn't even know they were there.  Those spiritual and emotional wounds are, in turn, preventing me from getting physical healing, as they're somehow leading to me being blocked from receiving the healing I want, as well as victory over the demonic oppression that's infecting my life.  (I have Dave, once again. to thank for revealing that to me)

And, the weird part about this is, God even told me that was there in a previous dream.  So this is something that I've been fighting for a while, but only recently began to understand the full depth, and scale of this.  So please pray for me that I can get victory over this and freedom from this oppression.  Thanks.

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