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Dream: Porches and Houses and Trailers, Oh My!
Thursday, June 17th, 2021 12:12pm
Keywords: Dream, Porches, Houses, Trailers, Wood, Rot, Repair, Tires, Father

The dream began with me going through my house, which was an apartment, on the 2nd floor of this apartment building.  It had three floors, and two porches.  The dream started out kinda wandering, and I don't remember much about it, other than the fact that mom was there.  I then remember doing things, and talking with mom, when she suddenly disappeared.  I went looking for her, and found her sleeping in her bedroom, and would not be aroused.  So I went to the front of the apartment, on the front porch, and took notice that it was made of wood, and was made of good, solid, but weathered boards, that were strong, and could take a lot of weight.  However, the construction was a bit shoddy causing the porch to be a bit lose and shaky.  Not dangerous shaky, but rather you could feel it move under you.

So it was completely fine as far as a porch.  It just needed to be tightened up.  IE, some extra bolts, nails, some shims.  But no need to replace any bad boards as there weren't any.  It just wasn't tightened up properly, or had become lose over the years of wear and tear.  While standing out there I noticed my trailer (it looked a lot like my dad's current trailer) sitting in the front yard.  It wasn't attached to anything.  It was just sitting there, sorta being idle, and not used.  So I go out there and look it over.  I find that the boards on the bed, and sides, are dry rotted and crumbling.  However, the frame itself, while solid, is rusted, and needs grinding down, and painting.

I also find the tires are flat.  So I take one of the tires, hook it to a compressor, then sorta forget about it, as I get distracted trying to find wood to replace the rotted boards on the bed.  The problem is, all the unused wood I can find is dry rotted as well.  I then wander past my dad's house and we strike up a conversation, and he asks how things are going.  I mention the two porches on my apartment, the front one, which is solid, but needs tightening up, and the back one, which is rock solid, and without an issue, despite being of the same age and construction.

He then asks me about the trailer, and I tell him about the wood issue.  I mention that I do have wood I could use to repair the trailer, but it would require tearing down the house I'm building (it's only a frame presently, as I'm out of wood to go further) in order to do that.  Option two is to leave the house alone, and instead buy new wood to repair the trailer.  He warns me about the currently high price of new wood, and I say, "Well, it's either I go buy the new wood, and keep the house the way it is, or I tear down the house, and use that wood to repair the trailer, as I have no spare usable wood right now.  We then sorta just chit-chat after this, not really focusing on any one topic.  Just kinda random chatter you'd talk with your parents about to more or less spend some quality time together.

IE, the rest of our conversation serves no purpose other than to just spend time together.  So nothing profound or important was really said.  It was just fun chitchat  In the middle of this I remember that I left the tire inflating.  So I run out, and find that the compressor is still running, and drawing off my car's battery (it was backed up to the trailer, but not hooked to it, as I was using it as a power source to run the compressor).  So I immediately turn off the compressor and find that, thankfully, the tire hasn't overinflated.  This is due to a number of leaks in the compressor hose that never allowed it to get above a given pressure. 

I then disconnect the compressor, and find that there are still leaks.  So I begin disconnecting other things connected to the tire, other hoses and such, until the leak stops.  I then check the pressure and find it still inflated, but about 5-10lbs under the recommended maximum required for safe road use.  So it's usable, but under inflated.  The dream ends there.


I'm not entirely sure how to interpret this dream, to be honest, as I'm not entirely sure what the Lord is trying to say through it.  In fact, it took me a bit after I woke up to even realize God was trying to say something to me.  But anyhow, here's some key points I took from it that are worth considering.

Front Porch - It was made of solid wood boards, but had poor construction.  It wasn't dangerous to walk on.  Just shaky, due to bad or shoddy construction, and simply needed to be strengthened and tightened up so that it wouldn't sway or wobble.

Back Poach - It was as solid as a rock, with no issues whatsoever.

Trailer - The steel frame of the trailer was rock solid, albeit a bit rusty as most of the paint had worn off.  The wooden bed of the trailer was dry rooted and literally crumbling in my hands.  It badly needed to be replaced.  The tires went also flat.  I tried to reinflate the right side tire first, but got distracted in the middle of this, and wandered off while talking with my dad, and completely forgot that I was inflating the tire.  I nearly overfilled it and blew it up because of this.  The only saving grace was that there was a leak in the air hoses from the compressor that kept the pressure in the tire from becoming too great.  I turned off the air compressor, removed the hose, and tried to regulate the pressure to the right amount, but struggled to do so due to air leaks.  I finally got enough stuff disconnected to fix that issue, and stopped the leaks.  But, by the time I did, the tire was under inflated by 5-10lbs.  It was full enough to run, but not full enough to be safe.

Houses.- I also remember that, throughout all of this, I was near the my dad's house (ie, the Father's house, aka God's house), building a house of my own.  However, I had no more than finished the frame when I ran out of wood.  Thus, the construction had stopped, and I couldn't go any further.  I went looking for wood and found plenty of old boards, big ones at that, but they were all crumbling and dry rotted like the boards of the trailer, and thus unusable.  I considered buying more wood, but dad reminded me of how high the price of lumber was.  And I said, even if prices are high, I have to finish this work, so I guess I'll just have to buy that wood, despite the price, as I really didn't want to tear down the house I'd worked so hard to build.

Anyhow, that's the dream I had.  It was rather interesting, but I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

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