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Dream: Packing to Leave Before The Storm
Thursday, February 17th, 2022 5:58pm
Keywords: Dream, God, Storm, Packing, Moving, Marching Orders

In this dream I'm outside with a friend of mine, and we see the skies are beginning to cloud up.  I instinctively know a storm is coming, so I tell him I have to go as I need to get packed and move before it rains.  So I go into my apartment and begin packing.  However, I'm a bit hesitant about going whole hog on this as I don't have a reason to move, or a place to go, nor do I have either God's okay, or command, to do so.  I'm just kinda in that mood of "I don't wanna be here anymore, and want to move on to my next home/destination/assignment."  This, in turn, drives me to start packing to leave, while at the same time being cautious how much I do pack.

As a result, I only pack a few boxes at most (it's just stuff that doesn't really need to be out, and should really be in storage anyways), before pausing and waiting for further instruction, guidance, and either the command to "Go" directly from God, or at least some place to go that wasn't the place I was in now.  However, I got nothing.  Not a peep, or a chirp, or nothing.  Instead, I remain standing there waiting for further orders (or really any orders at this point because, up to this point, this desire to pack up and leave, and go somewhere else, is entirely me.) I hear it begin to rain outside. 

However, it's not a really scary storm.  At least to me, anyways.  To everyone outside, it seems like the end of the world.  To me, it's just a vigorous afternoon shower.  Plenty of thunder, lightning, and torrential rain, but still not much of a storm in my eyes vs everyone else.  However, due to the intensity of the outside storm, I'm forced to close my windows, that I'd opened earlier to catch the afternoon breeze, to prevent the rain from getting in and getting my floor wet, even though only a little rain was coming through the screens.  Despite this I still closed them anyways as I didn't want wet floors.  The dream ends there.


While talking with a friend (Holy Spirit?) I see a storm coming to the world that, to me looks demure and tame, but to the world it's devastating.  Being that I will be sheltered in the Lord, to me that storm will be.  IE, it'll be a vigorous afternoon rainstorm, but nothing personally destructive or harmful to me.  However, I also feel like this dream is expressing a truth in my life that I have wanted to get up from where I am now and go somewhere else.  Literally, anywhere else.  However, I do not have permission, or orders to do so, and thus I can't move, even though I am showing a desire to move as soon as I can.

Really, it's just escapism as where I'm at is difficult.  And, like with anything else difficult I've had to face, i have that escapist attitude of "get me out of here and to somewhere that's not as crazy, or not crazy at all.  I had the same thing when Mom was sick, and I didn't want to be there, or struggle through the pain of that situation.  Yet, given the context and content of this dream, along with the prior one about the coming storm, the one that I'm certain everyone can see by now.  And if you can't, you're probably either dead, or willfully blind.  But anyhow, I digress.

To me, I see this as sort of a mild rebuke from God to stay put as I'm where I need to be, I'm sheltered in Him, the storm won't touch me, and He needs me where I am as I have work still to do here (as the previous dream pointed out), thus I am not allowed to leave, no matter how frustrating, annoying, or painful it might get.  And really, that pain is more in my mind than a reality as the dream never showed me stressed out beyond just wanting to pack up and get away from where I was presently housed.

The thing I think that's really interesting is, I got the dream about the pending storm on February 3rd roughly, and here it is about 15 days later that I get a dream that basically takes it from "the storm is almost here" to "it's here now."  It's kinda funny too that, even if I'd wanted to get packed and leave before the storm, I never would've made it.  I mean, come on, I got like 3-4 boxes packed before it hit.  I hadn't even begun to scratch everything I'd need to move to head to my next location.  So it wasn't so much an "it's too late to move" (which it kinda is), as it was "You're fine, you're sheltered, and the storm won't hurt you, so stay put as I need you here as I still have a lot of work for you to do in this place before you'll need to move on."

That's basically what this was.  And, it was a confirmation of a request I'd made to the Lord a few days earlier about moving and going elsewhere.  In short, that answer was no, and this dream sealed the deal.  Anyhow, just wanted to share this with you guys.  And yes, I realize this has nothing to do with a general revelation to everyone like the last one did, but yet at the same time it does, as it speaks of the fact that the storm that's coming (again, if you can't see it, it's not because you can't.  It's because you refuse to) will be hitting us very soon.

The good news is, yes, it will rain, thunder, lightning, and storm.  But, for believers, the storm will be mild.  However, for the rest of the world, it will be dark, scary, and terrifying.  That being said, hold on, the Lord is in control, and He will bring us through this.  He's got our back.  We just need to let Him be God. :)

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