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Dream: Moving From My Aunt's Place
Saturday, January 6th, 2024 9:46am
Keywords: Dream, Moving, Early Stages, Distractions, Organizing

The dream begins with myself going over to my Aunt Grace's house.  We'd been asked to take all of our things, and move them out of her house, and to a new place.  Aunt Grace is, at this time, in another state, either on vacation, or staying there for a while and won't be back for some months.  So she's gone while we're doing this move.  In the driveway of her place is her car (a minivan), and my dad's trailer, which is trapped in front of her car.  I come up to the house, and have three sets of keys in my hands, each one of which does something different on the property.  Also, there were 5-6 keys on each key ring.  I came up to the door, unlocked it with one of the keys, and then stepped inside.  Once there I had to shut off the house alarm.

It was at this moment that the keys all bunched together and became tangled.  I had to struggle for a few minutes to get them untangled, while worrying that the alarm would go off and call the cops (that would've been awkward to explain to them) and get us in unnecessary trouble, which would eat up valuable time that we didn't have as there was an urgency to our mission.  I eventually got the right key, and disabled the alarm just before it went off.  Inside the house I found our things, and wow, was it a mess.  Stuff was strewn all over the place, sweaters on chairs, clothes on the floor, etc.

About this time my sister showed up.  Our first step in moving was to organize the place, and put it in order.  IE, sort shelves, sort the clothes, fold things, etc.  This would make moving easier as we wouldn't just be boxing stuff up all ramshod and leaving with a disorganized mess, which would make things worse.  Anyhow, as my sister and I are doing this, my dad shows up and declares, "We don't stop until this is complete.  No breaks, nothing."  IE, total task master mode.  I disagree with him on this, saying that, as a natural part of the process, we need to take periodical breaks to rest, or we'll just burn out and get nowhere.  But he insists that we drive ourselves to exhaustion if need be to get this done.

He then demands to know how soon we'll be getting the boxes packed, and how we'll be moving stuff, as though he doesn't know the plan, even though he's part of it.  I mention to him that we haven't gotten the boxes yet because we're not up to that point in the moving process, as organizing what's there first takes precedent.  Once that's done, I'll go get the boxes that we need.  Still he insists that we need to go, and go now, and starts asking me how we'll move this once it's all packed.  I calmly reply, "If you can get Aunt Grace's van moved, we can use your trailer, that's pinned in front of her car, to move the boxes once they're packed."

This doesn't sit well with him, but he also doesn't feel like he has a choice in this, so he relents.  We then continue organizing things, but dad continues to be a task master during this time, doing very little to help us.  Along the way I happen to look around the house and realize that it's crumbling.  It's probably why we were told to move out as the house it's no longer safe to live in.  The bathroom shows this decay the most, as the bathtub was rotted out and collapsing into the basement, and there were holes in the floor.  I mention this to the others and understand that they see it too.  Dad then begins to do things that feel like he's again trying to distract, and draw us away from what we were sent there to do.

Despite this, we continue to sort and organize the things in the house.  Eventually he tells my sister and I that he wants to show us something.  My sister gladly follows behind him like a happy little girl (my sister is 45, but this looked like the 12yo version of her), while I follow from a distance along a different path.  I soon realize that he's taking us through a wet, nasty, snow covered, dark, barren landscape away from my Aunt Grace's place.  It had been high summer moments earlier, with everything warm, green, lush, and beautiful, and now we were in the dark, dead coldness of winter.  Realizing what was happening, I turned around and went back to the house to avoid being pulled away from the task and continue my work.

The dream ends there.

EDIT: I showed this to Dave Hays (Ie, Praying Medic) and he had this to say about the dream:

Very interesting dream.
I suspect it might apply to the U.S. as a whole.
We live in a nation that is crumbling in many ways.
We get word that it's time to move (reform and rebuild the nation.)
Some of us take to the task, but people pretending to represent God continually suggest ideas that take us away from that task.

So that is definitely something to think about when reading this. :)  Also, given that my dad normally represents God the Father in my dreams (not always, but certainly quite often), the polar opposite behavior that he's expressing in this dream seems to point to the idea of what Dave said about people who are either essentially fake believers, or misguided ones who are led away by Satan's deceptions, seems to fit even more with the context of the dream.

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