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Dream: Jesus And The Three Checkpoints
Saturday, November 27th, 2021 1:19pm
Keywords: Dream, Jesus, Checkpoints, Job, Assignments, Stations, Missions, Ministry

This is an older dream I had from way back in 2014-2015 that I think is just starting to become relevant now, and is directly connected with my popcorn dream from earlier this year.  Most especially the 3rd part of the dream.  And while this is focused on me, and what God has planned for me, I think there's a lot that others can take away from this.  Hence my sharing it.


This dream begins with me standing in what I would call a small front yard.  Not far away, at the end of a short path is what I would call a picnic shelter.  But I'll get to that in a second.  Standing in front of me to my left on the small foot path is Jesus, white robes, scars and all.  I felt this incredible love and joy coming from Him, and all desire to sin or disobey vanished.  All I wanted to do was worship and serve Him without any hesitation.  Then, as I'm standing there I see a large mound of dirt to my right.  It was a small mountain. as I was made to understand, or a mountain in scale, so to speak.  I then pictured myself on top of that mountain, sort of king of the hill style.

I then looked back at Jesus, and He said, "I don't want you doing that.  I want you to dig me a hole," and pointed to a patch of grass in front of me.  I then pick up this rusty, ratty old shovel, pushed it into the ground, and begin to dig.  But just as I pulled the handle back, the blade snapped in half about two thirds of the way up the blade towards the handle.  I'm now standing there befuddled, trying to figure out what I'm going to do.  So I turned to Jesus, and said, "Lord, I can't.  My shovel is broken.  Can you fix it?"  Immediately the shovel came back together with a sound and an action similar to a vacuum hose latching onto something with a lot of suction and not letting go.  However, the shovel looked the same as before.

So I tried it again and it worked great, and felt even stronger than a new shovel.  A few dozen scoops later I was told to stop.  We then moved down the path a ways to another point about halfway between my first position and the picnic shelter.  To my right was a house, once again in scale compared with the real thing.  Seeing that I imagined myself standing on top of it as a great, mighty, world famous evangelist who went out into the whole world leading the charge for the gospel.  I then looked to my left (where Jesus stood, and He said to me, "I don't want you to do that.  I want you to build this missionary a house."  So I look down in front of me and there's this probably 6 inch tall man standing there who looked like an animated doll of sorts.  Looking for something to build him a house with, I'm disappointed to discover that all I can find is a few bricks in a pile nearby.

So I set about making him a house using that handful of bricks.  What I ended up with is probably the worst job I've ever done at building something as all I was able to build was a square pile of bricks with a hole in the center, no roof, windows, etc.  Just four rather hastily assembled walls and not much else.  The next thing I know, Jesus and I standing under the picnic canopy.  Ahead of me, and off to my left, at about a 45 degree angle, is a crowd of men dressed in jet black outfits running towards the canopy.  I immediately understand this to be the enemy.  IE, demons.  In typical sci-fi nerd fashion I raise my hands and begin shooting energy blasts at them.  Or, at least I tried.  Instead, all I got was little flashes of light coming from my hands, but no actual energy blasts or anything more than something akin to glorified fireworks.

Literally my "super powers" were just a flash in the pan and nothing more.  The demons continued running at me and soon passed by, completely ignoring me.  One of them did look at me as he ran past, and looked incredibly angry, evil, hateful and terrifying.  However he, like the others, did not stop.  They kept running as though going after something, or someone else nearby.  I look to my right and here's a group of men and women (prayer warriors from what I was told) who just stand there, swords drawn, ready to fight the demons.  I then turn to Jesus, and He says, "I don't want you to do that."  He then points to a pile of lumber to my left, and says, "I want you to do this."  I then look off in the distance, not far from the shelter, and notice a group of men building a church.  One is nailing boards, another reading blueprints, and another doing something else I couldn't see at the time.

I studied the building and took note of the fact that it looked more like a rough pencil outline of a building rather than a typical building construction.  Sorta like you'd see a rough drawing or sketch of something done on paper, only this was sketched out using boards.  I then, at that moment, understood that my job wasn't to actually help them build the church, but rather to carry lumber from the pile that the Lord had pointed out to me, and take it over to the men who were building the church.  That was my whole responsibility.  IE, carrying one board at a time from the pile over to them so they could do their work.  At this point the dream ended.

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