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Dream: Captivity and Warfare
Sunday, May 16th, 2021 10:54am
Keywords: Dream, Soldiers, Military, Battle, Spiritual, Enemy, Darkness, Weapons, Fight, Aliens

EDIT: In review, I do think this was from God, even though it didn't have the same feel I've had with others like it.

I had a dream last night that I want to share with you.  And, before I go on, I wanted to say that I'm not sure if this is from God or not, as it didn't have a "God" feel to it, but rather, one that was more along the lines of Stargate, if you can believe that.  Anyhow, the dream started out with myself and two others.  We were on some alien world controlled by an alien species that was powerful, militaristic, and the kind who captures slaves from other worlds for their own evil, and nefarious purposes.  Anyhow, myself and my three friends were among those recently captured.  We were in a workshop of sorts where freshly captured slaves were readied for service to their new masters.  Each of us was fitted with a control device that enslaved our minds, and our will, to whatever our masters told us.

Once this control device was activated, you literally could not say no to a single thing they told you to do.  You were 100% obedient without recourse, and had no ability to resist.  It was like being in your body, but having no control over it.  They succeeded in doing this with two of us, myself and one of my friends, but the third friend, when they tried to activate his control device, fought back hard against them.  I remember hearing in my spirit that he was fighting for his freedom like a wild dog.  He successfully managed to defeat their efforts to control him, and was able to cast off both his shackles, and the device.  The aliens, who had fit us with our enslavement devices, were shocked at this.  (As I remember, they appeared human, but that was just a disguise as the real them was anything but human.  Kinda dark and demon like almost, although I don't remember feeling that they were actually demons, just demon like.)

We then turned and drove them out of the shed.  Realizing they wouldn't stay gone for long, and would almost certainly come with reinforcements, we began planning our escape.  As we were doing this, a number of others, about 10-12 in total, joined us in the shed.  They too had been kidnaped like us, and the aliens had attempted to enslave them as well, but they'd broken free like we had, and now joined us for strength in numbers to make our escape easier.  We then looked around for any kind of weapons we could use to fight our way out of there.  We soon found what looked like storm trooper blaster rifles (but their aim was WAY better, wink, wink. ^_^).  The others each grabbed one, with a couple stepping out the door, and beginning to shoot at a group of approaching aliens, which were the reinforcements we'd expected.

I didn't want one of the alien weapons, instead wanting one of the Colt M4's laying nearby.  My friend told me, "Don't use that, it's worthless."  I didn't want to listen, as I preferred the M4, as it was more familiar to me.  But, when I picked it up, I found the rifle to be useless.  Upon inspection, I discovered that it had been rendered inert and unusable.  So, I ended up opting for the blaster rifle instead.  We then went Seal Team 6/Army Ranger style shoot and move through the grounds, past groups of attacking aliens, into a Greek style Parthenon, inside of which was a hanger where we stole a ship and escaped to Earth, all hands arriving safely and nobody got hurt.  We then ditched the starship (a flying saucer, if you can believe it) and headed into my old home town from the west side.

Well, needless to say, the aliens were NOT happy in the slightest that we'd escaped.  So they mounted an invasion with 10 of their ships (theirs were WAY bigger than ours, and came in a variety of shapes, saucers included, with some like blimps, arrowheads, etc.) that landed in the same place that we'd put down.  They then unloaded their army and invaded the town.  Upon seeing this, my friends and I scattered and hid so that we wouldn't be found.  The odd part was, the aliens only took control over the western half of the city, and not even properly (militarily speaking) at that.  They only took over certain roads in the city, mostly outer roads, but left inner roads unguarded, allowing my friends and I to gather in one of the houses on the west side.

Inside there was an armory with tons of firepower.  Sort of a "choose your sword" kind of selection, with literally any weapon you could ever want, and the ammo to back it up.  Anyhow, I found that they had my beloved M4 there, with complementary grenade launcher, ironically enough (FY, this was NOT the semi-auto civilian AR version, but rather the fully auto military version).  So I grabbed that, I put on fatigues, got all my gear, magazine vest, etc, then I loaded up with 6 full mags, plus one in the weapon, and slipped on a bandolier of I think like 15 rounds of 40mm grenades.  (I realize this is a bit heavy in detail, but I wanted you to picture what I was seeing as it'll help the next part make more sense.)  We then made for the back door of the house, which led into a tunnel that I was made to understand was the key to driving out the invasion, as it gave access to enemy territory (ie, the ground the enemy had taken) and we had to capture that tunnel first in order to push them back.

(IE, think of it like a "capturing strongholds" kinda thing.)  Anyhow, the 15 of us (just enough to make a standard military squad) took up positions around the door, with me at the front, as I was the only one with a grenade launcher.  I remember that, as I was getting ready to use it, I heard someone say, "Make sure your tube is clear of all ping pong balls".  Weird, admittedly, but I was like, "okay," and angled the tube down to let anything that was trapped inside get free.  And boy did they ever.  Ping pong balls came pouring out of that grenade launcher tube in a steady stream, almost enough to cover the entire floor.  That got got an eyebrow raise out of me as I watched this.  Eventually it finished, and I was able to load a grenade.  I then leaned out, canter style (just like they teach special forces to do when in close quarters combat) and put a grenade round in the doorway.  They soon returned fire.

I remember then seeing the aliens, in sort of a 3rd peron view, piled up in the doorway, surrounded by darkness, and glaring at us like I was looking at demons.  Anyhow, we went tit for tat for a while, exchanging fire back and forth, with me putting two more grenade rounds into the door, and quite a few bullets.  After the third round the aliens retreated, and the blackness went with them.  About this time our sergeant, the man leading our little improvised squad, stepped forward and rallied us in the hallway before the door to the tunel that led to the enemy forces, their camp, etc.  IE, into enemy territory.  He gave us this short, but really inspirational pep talk, and rallying cry, and was just about to lead us through the door when I said, "hold up, I need to get more ammo," as I'd burned through two magazines, and three grenades.  So they gladly waited as I went back and replaced my expended ammo.

I remember while I was there that I also got two extra mags and stuck them in my pocket, then replaced the three used grenade rounds in the bandolier.  After this I rejoined the others, and we all rushed through the door, and into the territory the aliens had captured from us, taking the fight to the enemy.  The dream ends there.  What I think makes this dream interesting is it doesn't feel prophetic, so much as it feels like as spirituel warfare dream blended with a status report, sorta like it was an overview of where we've been (enslaved to sins, demons, etc, and unable to resist or fight back), where we are (gaining freedom and fighting back against those who enslaved us), and where we're going (defeating the enemy and driving them back to their home).  So kind of an overview of things how they were, are, and will be.

And while I didn't see us being victorious in the third part (at least not yet), I did see us taking the fight to the enemy, and with great confidence, meaning that the battle is already won.  We just have to go through the motions, so to speak.  And, to contrast this a bit, there was great fear and/or trepidation at the start of the dream, and even to some smaller degree during the hallway fight with the enemy.  But, as we began advancing on the enemy that fear was gone, and it was replaced with great courage.  So again, I think it was a spiritual warfare dream that kinda covered where we were (slaves), where we are (spiritual warfare) and where we're going (freedom/victory).  Anyhow, take this dream however you want, but I just wanted to share it with all of you.

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