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Dragon's Gambit Update!
Saturday, December 16th, 2017 12:54am
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Well, good news everyone.  After my latest edit of Offworld Chronicles 2 - Dragon's Gambit, I can safely say that I do not see any issues anymore with making my February 1st soft launch date.  I think one, maybe two more passes through the manuscript will be all that's needed to clean up the last few issues still in there.  Plus, as a rule of mine, I know that I'm ready to pass along a manuscript to an editor when I am no longer making any major or minor changes to the story, and any edits I actually make to the book are minor grammatical or spelling fixes, or minor clarifications where required.  And that's about where I am now.  The latest edit consisted of a surprisingly few actual edits.  I had to make a few character dialog fixes, plug in some missing words, fix some grammar, add a few minor clarifications, and that's about it.

So at this point, unless my feedback readers find any major issues with the story, I'm pretty comfortable in saying that it will almost certainly be heading over to the editor by January 1st.  That process usually takes about 2-4 weeks, after which I make my final changes, and then push the book out for release.  The reason I call it a "soft launch" date is because, even though my target date for release may be February 1st, the actual release date will depend on when I get the book back, complete my edits, and get it up to the book stores.  Since that date can vary a week or more in either direction, the date is thus considered as being "soft" since it can change quite a bit depending on circumstances, and who gets what out when.

As usual I will be starting with an upload to Smashwords.  Once they green light it, the book will go out to Barns and Nobles, Apple, and a number of other stores, and will eventually find its way onto Amazon a month or two later.  I say that because Amazon is always so slow putting new books up.  So they always end up being the last ones to get my books up there, if at all.  (it's a long story, so don't ask)  Anyhow, I just wanted to update everyone on the progress of the book as it seems that my fears about not being able to make the release date, thanks to this latest edit, appear to be fairly unfounded.  So, with that being said, start getting excited, because it's now roughly 45 days until Dragon's Gambit hits the shelves!  WOOT! :D

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