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Friday, July 21st, 2017 1:17pm
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Hey everyone, I just thought I'd toss out a quick update on all of my books as I know some of you have noticed that a bunch of the books on my books page don't have purchase or download links.  Well, that's on purpose because those books have been temporarily withdrawn pending a rewrite and improvement.  As I've said before there were several books I wanted to rewrite to produce a better quality work using my improved writing skills that I've gained over the past few years.  So until those rewrites are complete I don't want the older, lesser quality manuscripts out in the wild anymore.  Once I'm done with those rewites though, hopefully by the end of the year, I'll be rereleasing them and I'll make an announcement when each one is completed and ready for download.  The only question at the moment is how much freetime I'll have as my work schedule and personal life are pretty crazy busy now leaving me only a small amount of freetime to do any real, quality writing.  But, as I get time I'll keep plugging away at the books until they're done.  So be patient and I'll have them out as quickly as possible.  Thanks everyone!

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