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Avoiding The Flippant Word
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 3:51pm
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Thought for the day: I know we all have habits, and society is a strong driver of a large portion of those. In fact, it's society that began the trend of using the word "Awesome" to describe anything that is incredible or amazing. However, allow me to make a very strongly suggest NOT using that word flippantly as most seem to do. I know it's a hard habit to break because even I'm struggling with it. However, let me say this. The overuse of the world Awesome is done intentionally by the Devil to marginalize its meaning and verbal effect.

So why would the Devil want to destroy the power of a word such as "Awesome"? One word: God. He alone is truly Awesome, and when you flippantly use the word you are stealing God's glory and assigning it to the trash heap. It's like the word "wicked". It's been used flippantly so many times that it's lost all its punch and power. At one time to say someone was a "wicked" person was to create a mental picture of a person who partook in very dark, evil acts of sin.

But what kind of picture does it generate now? For most people, the idea of "wicked" anything, or "wickedness" typically generates a very "meh" kind of mental picture and reaction emotionally. That is the Devil doing that to intentionally marginalize the meaning and impact of words to make it far, far easier for people to justify sin. Where once words like "abortion", "adultery", and so on had a monumental impact, today they barely generate a bland reaction if at all.

So please, think about your words before you use them. Don't just take words like Awesome, Wicked or anything else like that and just flippantly throw it around. Make your words have impact, and your thoughts have substance. Mindless conversation leads, believe it or not, to sin. We need to be diligently aware of what we think and say at all times. When we take our proverbial hand off the tiller of our mind, it only ends badly, and in some cases we sin unknowingly.

So let us always be diligent in what we say and think. God will bless those who are proactive in bridling their tongue and mind, and always seeking to please God in every thought and word that proceeds from our heart.

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