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A Sunday Call To Revival
Sunday, June 21st, 2015 7:32pm
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An interesting thing happened to me today at Church that I thought I should mention.  Some of you probably remember how, over the past couple weeks, I've been calling for increasing prayer and revival.  And not just the rote and ordinary type stuff.  I'm talking prayer leading to renewal, and ultimately revival.  Well, what are the two key topics this morning in church?  Prayer, and yes, Revival.  And it's not just in church I'm seeing this.

To me what I saw today in Church was just a confirmation on what I'm seeing elsewhere around me.  I really, really, REALLY feel that God is calling the nation to prayer, repentance, and revival.  The question is, will we, as a body of believers, listen?  And NEVER, EVER think you are above revival, or prayer, or repentance.  That's the biggest issue with the church today.  We are so fast asleep it's ridiculous.

Bad times are coming and a major shakeup of the church, and a shaking in the world.  WE NEED REVIVAL!  Period.  Don't think that you're exempt from this.  If you're reading this, then you are one of the billions of people worldwide who need to repent.  We all need to repent, to humble ourselves before God and to seek revival through His Spirit.  In today's world of pride and arrogance, even when we think we are humble, we are not.

Even our greatest expressions of humility today are dripping with pride.  That is why God is calling us to prayer, humility, REAL HONEST humility, and revival.  Time is short.  We need to get down on our knees every single day, to forsake our sins, to repent, TRULY, HONESTLY repent before God, and seek revival through His Spirit.  I can't say it or stress it or repeat it enough.  It by necessity MUST happen in each of us, or else we may not survive the dark days that are coming, and survive them without being crushed by the weight of what's coming.

So, will you begin today, before the bombs, either figuratively or literally, begin falling and the world around you is brought to wreck and ruin?  This isn't being doom and gloom.  This is a warning and a call to cry out to God while time skies are yet sunny, because the day on which the storm clouds appear it will be too late to get right with God.  At that time it will no longer be protection FROM the storm, but rather you will be made to go THROUGH the storm, to purge you and cleanse you, and may even lead to your death.

I know that's a bit dark and gloomy, especially in such a momentous day as Father's Day, but the fact remains.  The days of plenty and calm are almost over.  If you are not safely in God's ark, the flood will take you, and what a horrendous end that will be.  So please, if you are saved, it is time for prayer, humility, and revival.  If you are unsaved, it is time to seek Jesus Christ now before it is too late, for you really don't know what tomorrow brings, be that blessing, or destruction.

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