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A Book Revival And Resurrection
Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 2:03pm
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After much thought and consideration I've decided to take the time and go back through all of the novels I've already written and both improve them, as well as possibly even expand them, change up how they exist in their respective universes and so on.  What will come out of this is a much, much improved collection of books for you to read and enjoy.  I'm doing this primarily because, while I was happy at first with my books when they were originally released, general lack of experience and a rushed release schedule ended up producing, what I believe to be a greatly inferior quality of story than I am capable of producing.  Now with myself having more freetime and experience since releasing these works originally, I'm finding that I'm more readily able to produce better and superior quality stories than before.

So in order to provide each of you with the best story possible I am taking my old novels and one by one going through them, rewriting them as needed, as well as upgrading, expanding and improving them.  In time I expect to be able to release back to you some vastly improved novels with new content and better stories than when they were originally released.  I pray that you would be patient with me and hang in there as I go forward with the work I am doing to expand and improve all of them.  At this point I'm only looking to update and improve the fiction novels, so my Christian pocket guides aren't likely to get touched.  But in time even they may see improvements.  But we'll see.  For now my focus is just on the fiction novels. :)

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