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The Church We Need Today
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 3:35pm
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What we need in this world today is NOT a reformed church.  NOT a more relevant church.  NOT a more modern church.  What we need is an Acts 2, 1st century church.  Because if your faith can't move mountains, then you better check your spiritual pulse because your faith is almost certainly dead or on life support.  I want to see Acts 2 believers today.  Christians who live the example of Christ, believe and live the bible in its entirely, and serve God without question, holding absolutely zero claim to this world, with the singular purpose of saving souls, not building up a comfy life or a fat bank account, or even living the good life here.

The first century church lived in suffering, poverty, persecution, starvation, beatings, death, and worse.  Yet we think that it's wrong if we don't live the cushy life right now?  I'm sorry, but this world is NOT our home, so we need to STOP living like it is and START living as ambassadors for Him, seeking to bring souls to a saving knowledge of Christ.  If our lives are not lived with an Acts 2 power, then we have no right to call ourselves Christians, because all we're doing is lying to ourselves and worse yet, lying to God and others.

Live the Acts 2 life.  Be on fire for God.  Stop being a milquetoast Christian and start being a sold out, born again follower of Christ.  If He went to the cross and suffered all for you, what right do you have to shirk off your duty as a Christian and live a comfy life down here?  Our rest is in Heaven.  Our time on Earth is for work.  Now either get busy or get off the bus.  Period.  End of story.  Stop pretending to be a follower of Christ and start being one.
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