Thought For The Day: How To Fix Stupid And Drive Out A Malicious Spirit
Thursday, July 12th, 2018 12:49am

Thought for the day: While talking with a friend about a rather controversial topic, his comments sparked a thought in my mind about an old saying that we all use very callously, haphazardly and far, far too often. What phrase is that?

"You can fix ignorant, but you can't fix stupid."

I admit, all of us say that far too often, myself included. However, isn't saying that kinda antithetical to who God is? I mean, if God is God, doesn't that mean that, while *WE* can't fix stupid, He can? And if He can, why aren't we praying that He fix those we consider to be such? I mean, if God can fix pretty much anything, and He did create us and everything around us, and He *CAN* fix people, why are we not praying that He fix the ones we consider stupid rather than standing around like the rest of the world and both laughing at and ridiculing said people?

I mean, yes, I'm guilty of that same kinda malice myself, of which I shouldn't be. But that also doesn't mean I can't change, nor does that mean you can't either. And, while I'm not perfect, I am willing to change for the better. So I think, going forward, we should all refrain from treating others that way, and instead pray that God fix the one who is actually either ignorant, or stupid. Now, why do I say it that way? Well, what if we're actually the ones being ignorant or stupid? If we're the ones being stupid, wouldn't we want God to fix that?

I mean, who here can say they've never been wrong? If you raised your hand, you're a liar. All of us have been wrong before, and plenty of times at that. So the next time you have the urge to look at someone and say, "What an idiot" or "That person is stupid", why don't you instead take a moment of your time and pray for that person. But not in the spirit of "That person is an idiot, Lord, please fix them." Even though that might sound good, you're still praying with malice, and that's wrong. Instead, pray this:

"Lord, I pray for a torrential outpouring of Your wisdom right now, and ask that you give the greater portion of this blessing to whomever needs it the most, be that them or me."

I think if we stop being cruel and constantly calling people stupid (yes, I have to work on this a lot myself too), it'll change our spirits and our lives for the better. Plus, we'll be more mindful to pray for other more often rather than constantly complaining about them, no matter how frustrating they may be, or how mad they may make us. Remember, anytime you get mad or frustrated, it's a perfect time to pray for someone else, and should you do so, it will help you greatly in the end. So turn that anger and frustration into prayer. In doing so it will change the world for the better.

PS, if any of my friends or coworkers want to hold me accountable on this, you're more than welcome to. :)