Fading into the Fog (a poem)
Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 12:28pm

This is a little poem I came up with this morning I thought I'd share with you all. It's about dementia and the trials those who have it go through. Oddly enough, I was trying to get some work done today when something mom said got the idea mill in my head rolling and out popped this.

Fading into the Fog

Many ages ago, when I was yet young,
I sang a song that rang great in my heart.
I once was blind, but now I see.
I so wish that song still applied to me.

For now I am that which is other than great
Once perceiving, but now going bind.
Where once there was great understanding
and revelations galore.  Today it is fog I am seeing.

For once I thought with a mind of a giant.
Today it is the musings of a child.
Where once great ideas out poured like a flood,
It is now but barely a trickle that hardly wets the ground.

Day by day my mind slips deeper away,
The fog ever growing darker, it shrouds all I see.
Bit by bit those great memories past,
lost in the fog of confusion, too far gone anymore to be seen.

Where once I could read easy, it is now such a struggle.
To find my way to another room, itself is now an adventure.
Bit by bit I slowly go down, deeper, deeper into the fog I wander
Piece by piece my mind torn asunder, shattered to dust like the blow of a hammer.

The wind roars strong and off it goes, never again to be seen.
Gone, gone are all the memories, swept ever so deeply into the fog.
Oh what was it now that I was talking about?
Oh look!  What a darling little squirrel do I see!

Yet dust to dust very soon I shall go.
Deep down to where the tree roots grow.
Yet gone I may be, and as well goes my mind,
Yet in Jesus dear arms will I rest eternally.