November Promotion: Free Books!
Saturday, October 27th, 2012 1:07pm
From now until the end of November I'm running two specials.  

1.  Buy any three of my books (the freebies don't count) from Smashwords and get one free!
2.  Buy all 5 of the books in my Earthfleet saga and get a free copy of the upcoming Earthfleet novel "Dark Earth".
(disclaimer: the free books I'll be giving away will only be in ebook format and will be emailed to you)

You can either buy the print copies, or you can buy the ebook copies.  All that I require is proof of your purchase.  Just email it to me at and I'll get you your free book in the mail ASAP!  So grab yourself some of my books, and earn yourself a little early gift in the process!

For links on where to buy my books, see the individual book information pages in my book section for details and purchasing links.

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