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Monday, November 19th, 2012 3:30pm
Hello again everyone.  Sorry for going AWOL again, but sometimes my website development and/or software projects require me to pull back from my writing and commit my full 24/7 to them for a few weeks or longer to get them done.  For example I just finished a big, big project this weekend which has consumed my life the last two weeks.  Given that these are my bread and butter, and how I pay my bills, I'm sure you'll understand.

Now, since we're back to the normal schedule again for a while I wanted to both update you on how things were going and give you my prospective schedule for the rest of 2012, and what I'm planning for 2013.  However, do note that schedules can change, and have done so plenty of times in the past, so this, like others before it, is my "tentative" plans, and may change along the way.'s the list of things for the rest of 2012.

  1. I'm not going to get Dark Earth out by Thanksgiving.  It's just not gonna happen.  With the latest job having sucked away too much of my writing time I'm now looking for Nov 30th as my new tentative deadline.  A couple of reasons for this is A) I haven't gotten all my reader feedbacks yet.  While most have come in, I've learned from past experience that you're better off waiting on all of them to come in because that one last comer might have a real bombshell the others didn't catch that you need to fix before release.

    So patience is best here.  And B), because I still haven't got my cover back from the designer.  Until I have that I can't release the book anyways, so even if all my feedback readers report back. (BTW, all reports from them so far is very, very good, so I'm not expecting any last minute surprises, but you never know.)  So once the last of the readers report back I'll make the last fixes, toss it to the editor, and if the cover is in my hands by then, I'll shoot it out the door as soon as it's back from the editor and signed off on.

  2. New website for Realms of Imagination (aka ROI).  Since I've been getting everyone else's fixed up and updated, I figured it was time to take my into the 21st century as well, so it's going to get a big overhaul.  I won't say all of what's there, but I'm gonna be introducing some important new features, including a much easier way to be a feedback reader for any and all stories coming up.

  3. Events.  I only have one more actual physical event this year, namely Christmas at Wings.

  4. Cancelled Books.  I think this deserves an explanation.  As an author I have a quality standard on all my books that I like to keep as high as possible, even to the point of being almost unattainable.  That way I ensure that I'm always doing my best and producing the best quality books and stories I can.  Sometimes that means scrapping ideas, even fully finished ones.  Case in point, Ember Chronicles.  That one was not only completed but had also gone through several revisions along the way.

    However, I was never truly satisfied with the book the entire time I was writing it.  Something felt off, like it just didn't work for some reason.  I tried several major and minor rewrites, changed stuff around, reshuffled the plot, but still never got it to work like I wanted to.  Eventually I realized that the things I was trying to accomplish in it had already been covered by another book, and this was just beating an already dead horse, so I scrapped it.

    There's other stories and series I've done this with.  Some of the casualties include "The Specimen", the entire "Empire" and "Imperial Colonies" saga, "Striders" (a mecha novel) and many others.  There's even been casualties within existing series that have actually reached publication.  For example, the Earthfleet Saga was originally meant to be 15 novels.  By the time the forest fire of cleanup and ruthless selection was done only five books came through the conflagration.  But they've been top rated works, which was my original desire that all my books be.

    So as you can see, only the best books make it out of the meat grinder and into publication.  Dark Earth is also another great example of the good that the meatgrinder does.  Believe it or not, of the 15+ assorted Earthfleet novels that never made the cut, Dark Earth became their benefactor and descendant.  That's because I took ideas from the other failed books that worked (the books didn't work, but certain ideas inside them did and were thus salvaged) and incorporated them into the Dark Earth story making it all that much better.

    So there's some benefit to these cancelled stories.  While more fail than succeed, and more are shredded than those that reach publication, what comes out at the end is a product that is superior in quality rather than superior in quantity.  I'm sure everyone can agree that quality is always better than quantity.

Now for the list of planned 2013 activities.

  1. Events.  I currently have nothing planned *as yet* for next year, but I do plan to start holding virtual book events online sometime shortly after the first of the year.  It's a new way to do author events, and much easier for those who can't get out or don't want to spend the gas (yeah, I know, it's crazy expensive) yet still want to come for a visit.  I don't know exactly how this will form up, but I am looking at a number of options and will let everyone know what they are sometime in January'ish.  Again, I'm not sure of the exact date, but you'll know when I make the announcement. ;)

  2. Book Releases.  So far next year I have four presently scheduled pending completion and other factors.  Namely they are:
    • Lion and the Fire - This is the 4th and final book in the Land of the Lions series.  I've been a bit slow on this one because it's the capstone story and I want to make it as perfect as I can.  I've had a few false starts on the story (I did with the other 3 as well, so this is nothing new) but I think I'm finally starting to work out a winning storyline finally.  But it's the first book on my list to finish as I need to get this series finished and off my platter, both for my sanity and for my readers.

    • Krowa Series - The Krowa series is a new exploratory novel series for me as, being one who leans heavily on the sci-fi genre, I'll be doing something that is more survival/western than sci-fi and thus out of my comfort zone.  But sometimes those are the books you do best in because you don't take the easy way out, as you don't know of one yet.  So no formulas or cliches for the most part.  Just good, raw, fresh to the genre writing.  It should be a fun series to work with.  Right now there's only three books in the series, Settlers, Riders, and Ships, but if the series goes over well enough it'll grow far beyond that.

Well, that's all for this update.  Thanks everyone and have a great Turkey Day!  Well, for those of you in the USA, that is.  ;)  For the rest, have a great week.

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