Changes to Dark Earth Trilogy
Thursday, October 18th, 2012 3:16pm
Ok, for those who are looking for a progress report on the Dark Earth trilogy, I have some news.  After a small hiatus doing other important things (like making a living), I'm back to working on the trilogy again.  However, it's looking a lot like I won't have enough content for 3 books, so I'm downsizing it to one big book at this point and retitling the former book 1 to "Dark Earth" instead of its present name of "The Barrier".

I figured this would be best to do as that was the original name of the series.  ETA for release of the book at this time is supposed to be Thanksgiving, best case scenario, so you should have it just in time for Christmas gifts. :)  This book will also answer and resolve a LOT of questions left over from the Earthfleet saga, allowing me to start with a fresh slate and palate for the next group of novels in the Earthfleet universe. :)

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