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Time Is Running Out - Are You Ready?
Thu, 18 Dec 2014 18:28:52

Anyone who lives on this planet and hasn't been hiding in some isolated cave out in the middle of nowhere knows what's been happening in this world.  They know about the wars, the famine, the disease, and the financial woes.  Bible prophesy is visible everywhere today and coming true at an alarming rate.  You would have to be willfully blind to deny that the end times ARE HERE.  Not coming.  HERE.  They are right over us like the squall line of a powerful thunderstorm, meaning that all that remains now is for the rain and hail to begin falling.

That will come soon enough on its own.  In fact, if you've been keeping up with things which, as I said, you'd have to be living under a rock not to, you know that Jonathan Cahn, the messianic preacher who wrote "The Harbinger" has also released a book called "The Shemitah" (pronounced "Sheh-me-tah") detailing a sort of ongoing biblical prophesy centered around the sabbatical year (see Jonathan Cahn's teaching on this topic.) in which God would either bless a nation who is following His rules and statutes, or punish them if they choose instead to commit willful, blatant national sin.  And believe me, America is deep, deep, deep in national sin and refuses to repent of its evil.

As such, since our nation clearly is defiantly anti-God these days, and clearly wants nothing to do with Him, the only thing that God can do now is to shake this nation to its core, and that's what this warning is about.  God is about to shake America to its core in ways we've never seen before.  It'll even make the horrors of the Great Depression look like a cake walk.  In fact He is about to shake the whole world to the point that whatever can be shaken WILL BE SHAKEN.  That includes the complete and total destruction of our very idolatrous money system and the vain worship of things rather than the Creator of all things.  Namely God.  By taking those things away God will seek to show us the foolishness of our dependence on them rather than Himself.

This isn't something you can escape.  Everyone will have to go through it, from greatest to least, and from the greatest super saint to the most black hearted heathen.  That then begs the question, are you ready for what is coming?  Nobody really knows on what day the crash will come, as things are already accelerating rapidly towards an epic financial implosion of biblical proportions.  However, the most likely date for that event is September 13, 2015.  As such I have setup (read more)

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