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A Dream And A Message
Tue, 01 Nov 2016 23:01:12

Earlier tonight, feeling all worn out for the day, I decided to lay down and go to sleep early.  But as I was laying there, thinking about the day, my mind drifted off onto the subject of false teachers (don't ask me why it headed that way, save divine redirection) and I began to think about Rick Warren, Joel Olstein and others and the pure evil they are doing in the name of the prosperity gospel.  Then, while I was thinking about this, the thought came to me, "What would it look like if they got saved?"

Me being a big "what-if" scenario kinda guy, I immediately bit on the idea.  It was at this point that Jesus took control of my thoughts and presented a scene to me that was most intriguing.  It began with Rick Warren in his own mansion, perhaps at bedtime, or just sitting in the study.  I'm not sure exactly when, only that he was in his own residence.  Suddenly Jesus took him and cast him down into Hell.  I watched as Rick's entire life played before him, how he realized the depth of his sin, of the crimes he had committed against God, and especially against Christ.  The hopelessness that he felt was crushing.

No hope of salvation, or rescue, or anything.  He would be lost forever, writhing in unimaginable agony and pain, tormented by demons, enveloped in fire, and just really just suffering at a level we just can't wrap our minds around.  From what I understand of what I was seeing, this went on for a good two hours.  Then, even though he knew it was hopeless, Rick raised up his head and pleaded for forgiveness and to be saved.  He knew it was hopeless and there was no way that Jesus would hear him.  Yet he did it anyways, at the very least acknowledging the depth of his sins.

Now here's where it got interesting.  It was as if, like king Nebuchadnezzar after his 7 years of punishment, Jesus lifted Rick out of Hell and took him to heaven to stand before Him.  He stayed there as well for 2 hours, having the most epic discussion with Christ.  I don't know the details of it, but I suspect that, based on what I was seeing in my mind, and I will remind you that this is all from Christ as He was controlling the direction of this little daydream and what-if scenario.  So at some points I only know what I saw, and at others I was given some inside info.  So you'll have to bear with me as I'm only able to tell you what I know from what was revealed to me.

Anyhow, at the end of this two hour pow-wow with Christ, Rick was returned to his body.  The transformation I saw in that man was unbelievable.  He was a completely different man.  His pride was crushed, his ego lay shattered on the ground, he was humbled in a way we don't often see these days and his face shown with not only the love of Christ, but the clear and obvious presence of ...(read more)

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