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Grumpy Ned - A Parable
Fri, 17 Jul 2015 18:28:34

Here's a short story I've recently finished called "Grumpy Ned".  It's a modern parable about gratefulness and being thankful for everything God gives us.  And now, the story.
Grumpy Ned
Nedworth Mogumphry Flandering, otherwise affectionately known within the community as "Grumpy Ned", was a man true to his name as he was grumpy and ungrateful about everything. And I do mean everything. In his mind nothing was ever right, or warm enough, or cool enough, or worthy of any kind of praise. Everything was always bad, and nothing would ever make it better. That was how he lived his life day after day. But when God gets a hold of you, even the most seemingly horrible of things have a way of changing for the better. And that's exactly what happened to Ned. He had an encounter with God that he would not soon forget.
Dennis, the town barber, looked up from his work and noticed an all too familiar face strolling down the street towards his shop. He frowned.
"Oh great. Here comes Scrooge," he muttered.
Thomas Dandow, the new pastor at the little town's First Baptist Church, looked up from the sports section and curiously studied the older man.
"Scrooge?" he asked with a hint of confusion. He then grinned slightly, and asked, "Who are you talking about?"
Dennis grunted and nodded in the direction of an older man as he strolled by the window, a look of anger and stern dissatisfaction on his face.
"Nedworth Flandering, the grumpiest man alive. Everyone around here calls him Grumpy Ned," he said with a clear distaste in his voice. "Nobody in this town likes him. He's always mad about something, never grateful, never generous, it's always someone else's fault," he continued.
He then turned and looked at Thomas briefly, snorting slightly as he did, before returning to his task of clipping hair.
"I'm not a spiteful person, Father..."
"Pastor," interrupted Dennis. "I'm Baptist, not Catholic."
This drew a slight, but brief grin from Dennis.
"Sorry, force of habit."
Thomas laughed.
"No problem. Please, continue."
"Anyhow, as I was saying, I'm not a spiteful person. But Ned is one of those guys you just wish would do the world a favor and die. It'd make the rest of us a lot happier."
Thomas put his paper aside and looked at Dennis with greater curiosity. Being new to the community, he was interested in learning all he could about the people and the town he would now be one of the two primary spiritual leaders of. The only other church in town was a small Catholic chapel on the northern edge of the sleepy little burb.
"So why do you call him Scrooge? Is h ...(read more)

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