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Jesus and the Bedside Demon
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 19:41:09

Okay, per the prompting of the Holy Spirit, apparently it's time that I reveal to you an instructional dream I was given a number of years back.  As some of you know, from time to time Jesus gives me what I like to call "teaching dreams".  There's nothing prophetical about them.  They're merely dreams that come with an object lesson, or something I need to learn about my walk with Him and perhaps something in life.  God has exposed some pretty interesting things to me through these, both on the fleshly side (ie, sinful things I'm doing wrong), and on the spiritual side (Ie, my walk with Him, things that I'm either doing right, need to start doing, need to know about, etc).

Anyhow, this is what I saw.  In the dream I was in my bedroom laying on my bed that was set against the wall next to my window.  As I'm laying there a powerful demon came into my room and began to accost me.  And wow, was he ever a powerful one!  He overflowed me and pinned me down so hard that I couldn't breath, and I felt as though, if I didn't cry out soon, even my ability to speak would be taken from me and I would be forever silenced.  So, doing the only thing I knew to do in a situation like this, I cried out to Jesus, and yelled, "Save ME!"

Immediately I felt the pressure lift from me and the power of the demon stripped away.  A split second later I found myself like a little child, sitting in the lap of Jesus, as He was holding and protecting me like a father would his child.  The look the demon gave me was like nothing I can describe.  It was so evil and hateful it's beyond words.  I also remember realizing at that moment that the demon, who'd only moments earlier had been beating the stuffing out of me, now looked like nothing more than a harmless shadow.  Without even saying a word Jesus looked sternly at him, and the demon gave out an angry grunt, turned and left as though ordered to leave.

Another thing I will describe for you is the incredible peace that filled my heart and mind the moment Jesus took me into His arms.  Wow.  From dark, heavy, crushing oppression to a loving, kind, freeing peace that passes all understanding.  The fear was replaced with joy, and the love I felt from Him was incredible.  It still brings me to tears even to this day.  I felt protected, safe, secure, and untouchable so long as I was in His arms, because it was not by my strength that I was made safe, but by His boundless, unlimited, almighty strength that I was protected.

And I think there's a message in this for today for everyone, given the events of recent days that have begun to generate fear in so many people.  I believe that's why He brought back this memory and prompted me to write about it.  If you are without Jesus, or you have strayed away fro ...(read more)

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