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The Nakama Christian - Are You One?
Thu, 26 Feb 2015 11:44:25

In the Japanese culture there is a unique word (which may have equivalencies in other languages, but I don't know) that speaks of a relationship that goes even beyond that of your family.  The world is Nakama and is a term meaning friends, buddies, crew, allies, comrades, or gang.  However, that simplified definition decries the true meaning of the word to the Japanese.  To them, Nakama are more than family.  They're greater than that.  If you remember the old saying, "blood is thicker than water" in relationship to family over friendship?  Well, if family is blood and friendship is water, then Nakama is 90 weight oil.  Or for those of you who aren't gear heads, it'd be like saying "honey is thicker than blood OR water".

To be Nakama is to have a special relationship that supersedes even that of family.  As Proverbs 18:24 says, "There are friends who are [just] friends, [but] there is a friend that is closer than a brother."  That is Nakama.  That is the 90 weight oil.  That is the honey that is thicker than blood.  David had that with Jonathan.  Paul had that with Silas.  And there are many others like that.  We, as Christians, are family, and we must not only be family, we must also be Nakama, come thick or thin, rich or poor, free or slave.

Yes we are going to have our differences.  That's by Satan's making in order to divide us, because a force that is divided loses its power, and the less powerful we are, the more he can get away with.  But even so we must stand together on all things we know to be true in the bible, especially in regards to Jesus, and salvation alone through Him.  In a sense, we must be more than just family.  We must be Nakama.  We must be that "closer than a brother" to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Sure, some are weaker and have been carried away by false doctrines.

But why?  Why have they been carried away instead of staying true to the Lord and His teachings as laid out in the bible?  I think Christ's parable of the sower gives us a few clues.  But I think it's also because we lack commitment to Jesus, and also to each other.  If you don't love others as family, or as Nakama, how can you expect others to obey and listen to Jesus?  We are like the 1st church of Revelation in that respect, that we've lost our first love.  If we love God we will keep His commandments, all of them, even the most difficult.

If we love God we will love others, even the most difficult of those among us.  If we love others, we will ultimately love and respect ourselves.  If we do not love God we cannot love others, and we certainly can't love ourselves.  All things must start with God and end with God.  That means we must strive to be Nakama; to love ...(read more)

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