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Patience and the Kettle
Thu, 25 Jun 2015 22:06:32

There are two things in this world of which I know almost everyone has, and that is a hatred of waiting, and a general lack of patience in most things.  I myself raise my hands in acknowledgement of those very traits in my own life.  However, as experience has taught me, God likes to, from time to time, intervene in our lives and teach us lessons, not only in patience, but also in why it's such a blessing and privaledge to wait on Him, even in the most seemingly mundane things.  Case in point.  About a month or more ago our aging tea kettle finally gave up the ghost and died.

As a result I set out to get us a new one.  Well, at least that was the idea.  Success was another story.  I began my search by going to the local Kmart in search of one, only to nearly suffer a heart attack at the prices!!  So I looked online, and came to the same socking conclusion that tea kettles were WAY over priced.  Even so I kept looking, but try as I might, I could not find a good quality kettle at a reasonable price.  Your two basic choices were either cheap in quality (but not in price as even they were expensive), or you got well made that was even more costly.

So, after much fruitless research I relegated myself to the realization that we'd probably not be able to get another one, because I sure wasn't going to spend those prices for a silly tea kettle!  To make matters worse, I could get a nice three quart sauce pan cheaper than a 3 quart kettle!  So I decided to forego getting the kettle and instead invest in a new sauce pot as our old one had died months earlier, but hadn't as yet been replaced.  Part of the reason why we haven't replaced that pan yet is I still have yet to find the pan I want.  So I'm presently zero for two at this point.

But that's not where this plucky little tale ends.  If it was, it'd make for quite a boring blog post.  But the story continues several weeks later (ie today) at a local auction that my dad and I were attending.  The first blessing of the day was that it was a small auction, and the second is that people were bidding cheap.  And I mean CHEAP!  IE, my kinda cheap. :)  In fact, they were so cheap I kinda felt bad for the poor auctioneer who was having a hard time getting ANY bids on anything.  Eventually though he works his way over to one of the tables nearby on which sits a nearly brand new tea kettle, and a really nice, fancy tea kettle.  It was a bit rich for my tastes, but hey, a kettle is a kettle.

Anyhow, the auctioneer eventually comes down to the portion of the table where I'm standing, and in typical fashion I go into my "auctioning mode" (think poker face on steroids) as I get ready to bid on the kettle.  The auctioneer begins by doing choice on the table (ie, one person wins the bid and gets choice of anything on the tabl ...(read more)

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